Use the autumn leafs as natural tags for your homemade juice or jam.

Time to design !

Time to design !
I really want to celebrate Normann Copenhagen for giving young designers a chance to show their fantastic work in their very prestigious Flagship store in Oesterbro, Copenhagen.
I went to the press release to see this years winner.

Milia's lamps, time to design

Lamps by Milia seyppel, Time to design

Her name is Milia Seyppel, and she have had the posibility to work at the Danish Art workshop for 3 month on this project.
The lamps she have designed are as she explained a small family. And I could easily see who was the mom, the big brother, dad with the high hat and the lillte sweet sister…Pls. note when you see the photo, that the way you turn the lamp on and off is different from each lamp. One is a wooden button you drag in a thin line, one is a tunning key and one is a press button.
All the switches are made in wood, which compliments the metal really well. A very contemporary design with notes of vintage.


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Use the autumn leafs as natural tags for your homemade juice or jam.