Time to design !

Recycle stool.

I have just made this little stool or sidetable, depends on the eyes of the beholder…
Use it as you like…it’s small and fits in any home…
It is made from a pallet, so you only need some paint leftovers, sandpaper and a couple of screws and your are ready for a little D-I-Y project.

stool made from a pallet

DIY stool by Peekaboo design

Make this in the colours that matches your other interior and use it for small exhibitions of your favorite design objects or a beautiful flower from your garden.
I made this for a danish magazine, which you can get hold of in the shop Silvan all over Denmark, I not sure about Norway and Sweden…But you can also see instructions on how to make it here http://ipaper.ipapercms.dk/Silvan/FornymedSILVAN/2011uge45Forny8/
go to page 32.

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