Recycle stool.

Neon christmas decor…on natural objects !

Finally…I have my own blog now…It has been a dream for quit a while, but with my computer knowledge it is not that easy to realise. But with a lot of help from a kind neighbor it has succeeded. And I’m happy, hope you will follow and get a lot of D-I-Y ideas, styling tricks, shopping news and a lot more.
I will let you into my world of interior styling, D-I-Y projects and even kids hair styling…
So for a start I will let you get inspired from some of my holiday decor…you can still catch up on the decorating at home…if you still haven’t started, let me show you some very easy and simple decoration tips.

christmas decor 1

Christmas decor by Peekaboo design

Yesterday I painted some larch cones in neon pink…to add some contrast to the very simple and natural garnish.
This will not take long and the only thing you need is the neonpink paint and the cones and vases…


  • Pia

    Lene I am soooo pleased on you behalf – I look forward to follow your great ideas 😀

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Recycle stool.