Christmas still life inside a glass dome

Snow flakes in Neon coloured HAMA’s…

Neon has invaded my christmas home?and now as snow flakes , hearts and owls?and when you get started it?s like you can?t stop again.

christmas 4

Snowflakes by Peekaboo Design

Spend this week-end gathered around the table with lots of pearls and pegboards. The kids love it and when you start creating beautiful snowflakes you get to love it even more?and see yourself making more after the kids are gone to bed. 😉
What you need is a heart shaped, hexagonal and squared pegboard. We used the transparent neon colored HAMA pearls. And then you iron and a bit of baking paper. So you will probably be able to find it somewhere in your drawers and cabinets.
If you live in Denmark, Norway or Sweden you will be able to get the products from or
Have a fun weekend !

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Christmas still life inside a glass dome